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A Renewed and Society in Christ through the Campuses

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True to the commission of Christ, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21), CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) truly empowers the youth not only to be good Christian men and women, but also, to spread the good news and “renew the face of the earth.”

Sadly, many factors in this world result in the diminishing support of a Christian environment at home. This offers little help to the youth, who are already in need of much support and guidance. More and more young people today are being pressured into entering immoral relationships, learning to cheat and steal, joining gangs and literally “dying” in the very place where they are meant to learn and live, simply because there is no real exciting alternative to choose from.

Moreover, there is an ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of young people today. The values of the youth are now being wrongly influenced by different elements in society (e.g. the promotion and toleration of abortion, premarital sex, rebellion to family and parents, corruption among student leaders, to name a few).

In order to counter these threats, there has to be a massive evangelization and re-evangelization of the youth today especially in the captured market within the campuses/schools. Every young person today should know the joy of receiving the gift of salvation and of living a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, this is not easy because of the many distractions, pressures and diversions that are pulling young people away from the plan of God.

Hence, there poses a greater challenged and an urgent response to provide a healthy and exciting environment in college campuses, where faith among students can flourish, and bonds of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood with other young men and women can be formed.

YFC Campus Based is CFC Youth for Christ’s official evangelization program based within College or University level campuses. It is affiliated with the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation and the network of its family ministries within the Philippines and abroad. It caters to students in their tertiary level of education – those through with their secondary or highschool level, and is pursuing further education in these campuses.

In order to be effective in its evangelization efforts, YFC Campus Based seeks to provide (a) a point of conversion / re-conversion where a young person can grow as man or woman of God and be encouraged to take responsibility and gain leadership as they lead others to God as well; and (b) a program that accepts the vibrancy, energy, dynamism and free-spirit of the youth, and strives to re- channel this youthful spirit for use in the mission of building God’s kingdom in their homes and campuses.

Driven by the Holy Spirit, transformed by the love of Christ,
and one with the Catholic Church, YFC Campus Based
is a youth ministry of Couples for Christ that renews
the society by raising servant leaders grounded
on Christian values, witnessing God through the campuses.
About YFC

Youth For Christ is the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC) - a pontifical catholic christian movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of christian family life