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Green generation for a greener nation


In the story of creation, the Lord created everything else before man. Not just to have a place to live in but it comes with a responsibility to nurture and cultivate it. “Then the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it.” Genesis 2:15

The call to take care God’s creation has been one of our purposes; to be stewards of His creation. But instead of taking care of it, we seem to take it for granted. It’s beauty and magnificence slowly fades because the very hands that is supposed to nurture it, is the same hands that destroy it. We became selfish with our own comfort.

This call still continues to speak to us as we hear the cry of our environment as we experience calamities and disasters. It is time that we as members of Youth for Christ take a stand in fighting the apathy towards nature, and start taking proactive measures in helping reverse the effects of our previous actions. It is after all in the heart of our mission as Christians to take care of what was given to us by God. Most of us neglect the fact that in order to love and serve Christ fully, we must also love, protect and care for the environment that He blessed us with.

YFC Greeneration is an advocacy of Youth for Christ that aims to rally today’s generation to be a green generation for a greener nation. It is an expression of love to God by a generation called to take care of His creation. This is Youth for Christ‘s response to the call for responsible stewardship, that is deeply rooted to the attitude of Catholic stewardship. It acknowledges that everything that we are enjoying right now came to be because of God. From the food we eat, to the place that shelters us, none of these will be in existence if not for Him. As others mistakenly adore so much the creation to the point of ignoring the Creator, YFC Greeneration’s every action is directed towards the Creator channeled through His creation.

“Through him all things were made;
without him nothing was made that has been made.”
– John 1:3
About YFC

Youth For Christ is the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC) - a pontifical catholic christian movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of christian family life